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27 July 2015

Hello again! Long time, no see! I decided to start blogging about FFXIV specifically again, as I’ve always done general gaming blogging on I wanted to follow my adventures on my Au Ra lady for a long time, including a place to post my FFXIV screenshots, a collection of guides or tips I might have, and a way to track my progress.

With that in mind, I have deleted all the old posts that used to live here, as they were from 2012 (wow!) and back when I was just a little newbie kitten, playing a miqo’te focusing solely on healing for my very old Free Company. I will be starting to update every now and then here with tales from my journey across Eorzea.

With that in mind, hello, my name is Katsumi Sanshin and I’m an Au Ra playing on the Odin server. I’m currently a Bard main but am working on levelling up my healers in particular. I play with a casual, social Free Company called Cake, and we frequently raid together but mostly through casual content. We have cleared all of Alexander NM and will maybe be looking at tackling Savage in the future! {Please look forward to it.}

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