FATE brought us together

28 July 2015

FATE brought us together

This past weekend was spent levelling my White Mage. It was my first job to level 50 back in 2.0, and the first job I raided on. I got through all of Binding Coil of Bahamut as a healer, and I have to admit sometimes I miss it. 

Now that the FATEs in Ishgardian areas have been improved significantly, I spent a lot of my time in Coerthas Western Highlands and later Churning Mists, which is where I encountered the FATE you see in the screenshots above. It was a lot of fun! While I admit that FATE grinding isn’t always the most entertaining thing one could do with their time, it kind of reminds me of my days in XI, looking for a group and going to specific “camps” where you would just farm mobs together all day and hang out. Although in XIV it is much quicker to grab a party, and the composition doesn’t matter all that much, thank goodness!

FATE brought us together

So my last few days have been mostly spent blinding myself and the rest of my party, most likely, with repeated Holy casts. Let me tell you, getting a group that is just full to the brim with White Mages plus one tank? Excellent FATE grinding material! Just constant Holy spam and the monsters all die ridiculously quickly. You also get to do a pretty little pirouette when casting to top it off!

Now I just have to start thinking about healing again, and get myself into the right frame of mind. I also need to figure out which of the healers I want to focus on! We already have two very competent Scholars, and one very competent White Mage. All three of our healers will be levelling Astrologian as well as a secondary job. I will likely focus on White Mage just so we have an even balance, but I guess I’ll see what makes the most sense. I want to be a good healer again. I know for sure that I don’t want to be in the situation I was in before, where I was a decent back-up healer but more often than not had to flip-flop between Bard and one of the two healers due to problems with party composition, but I would like to spend more time honing my skills as well, and know I’m there to back my friends up when they need it!

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