10 September 2013

This little blog follows my misadventures in Eorzea, the land Final Fantasy XIV takes place in. I started blogging years ago, both privately and publicly, and most relevantly I also ran a personal Final Fantasy XI blog, featuring my mithra, Narachan. I decided to start tracking my FFXIV gaming as well, and while I tried for a little while before but without much success.

What is this blog?
» A place for me to share screenshots and tales from my adventures
» Somewhere I discuss casual end-game progression I do with my friends
» Guides and tips for any content I am familiar enough with
» Links to really awesome FFXIV content that I love and recommend

What isn’t this blog?
» A negative space — I will not allow myself to get bogged down in negativity which you often see in MMOs
» Elitist — I believe in making the game a pleasant place for new and casual players!
» Super pro or hardcore — I don’t do hardcore progression and I’m not the best of the best, so I won’t be pretending to be!

I chose to keep this blog separate from my main blog because I wanted to have a specific home for Katsumi, without any interruptions!

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