27 July 2015

About the Character
Name: Katsumi Sanshin
Nicknames: Kat, Kats
World: Odin
Race/Clan: Au Ra/Raen
Free Company: Cake
Main Job: Bard (i178)

Other Jobs:
» White Mage (54)
» Scholar (50)
» Summoner (50)
» Dark Knight (45)
» Ninja (40)

» Primals (7/9)
» FCoB (2/4)
» Alex NM (4/4)
» Alex SM (0/4)

Katsumi is a Bardlet with a love for bashing her head off primals to try and get pretty pony mounts, collecting minions, and hanging out with friends. She has aspirations of being a healer once again (White Mage was my first level 50!) and some day even dabbling in tanking as a Dark Knight, but for now spends most of her time prancing around, singing songs and shooting things til they die.

I’m a PvE girl at heart, so while I will try my hand at PvP from time to time, for the most part you’ll find me exploring, running around dungeons, or doing events with my friends. We do casual raid progression twice a week, which means we’re not hardcore but we have a lot of fun together! I also stream our raid nights twice a week on my Twitch channel.

Out of Character
I’m a 26-year-old games industry professional, working in project management and living in Ireland with my fiancé, T (whom I have been trying to convince to play FFXIV with me since 2.0 launched!) My main blog can be found at Psyche Plays, where I talk about my gaming and geeky experiences. I have blogged about most of my MMOs since I started back in 2008 with FFXI. The love affair first began with a few online friends and my ex who played together, and when I saw the game I just knew I wanted to play too. Fast forward a few years, and another online friend decided to return to the game, and I joined her. I stopped playing a while ago, but did return to Vana’diel recently with my FC mates who also used to play!

During the beta for 2.0, I fell in love with FFXIV, and have played ever since.

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